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The foundation to a successful production is storyboarding, capturing film, cinematic lighting and professional audio. Shine Media can create a set, capture on the go, or film in the many beautiful locations in Florida. With our line of cameras, lenses and equipment we are able to bring the Hollywood style into our filming. Achieving the perfect “look” is essential to having a premium video. Having dynamic equipment is also essential to producing high-end jobs, which is why at Shine Media we continuously stay up-to-date with new equipment and film styles. We have a wide array of experience in filming i.e. interviews, testimonies, intros, inspirational pieces, promos, event recaps, special events, etc.


Storyboarding/Shot list

Equipment preparation

Scripting (if necessary)

Location scouting


Video & equipment

Creating sets




Color corrections




Each of our videos is more than just a video to us, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to bring exactly what they are looking for to the screen. Whether it be corporate, inspirational, informative or fun, we've got it covered for your production needs.



Here is a recent gallery of some of our videos from 2023. 

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