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Family owned and operated since 2008. Years of graphic design and print experience working for companies such as Toppan Printing Company and Pantone, which included working with clients such as Merrill Lynch, Estée Lauder and Disney. We specialize in high-end custom video production and design. We value working with our local businesses and nonprofits to customize each project specifically for their needs.  Our goal is to bring people's video and graphic aspirations to life.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of work do you do?
    At Shine Media we work on video (including audio and lighting) post production editing that includes licensed music and custom color grading. Our line of video equipment and editing software is based off of Hollywoods cinematic collection, we prioritize high quality work for local businesses and non profits. We also offer live streaming from almost any location with multi camera options. Along with a multitude of graphic design, motion design and print work, including custom pieces.
  • How much does a video or design cost?
    Every production piece at Shine Media is carefully created to each job’s individual needs. Our prices vary based on a multitude of factors, regarding the complexity of job, length of finished product, etc. We try hard to stay within any budget, and will not have any surprise add on costs. We’d be more than happy to give an estimate for video, production or design needs after we get a few details. Please contact us for more information!
  • How does the video editing process work?
    Once we establish a video's needs (intended audience, duration, timeframe, etc.) when we begin editing we will follow any requests our client has, we do our best to reach every goal with our first edition of the video. If the video is missing an element or needs a minor change we will be more than happy to make up to 3 revisions to ensure we reach the final goal for the production.
  • How much does live streaming cost?
    Our live streaming production varies greatly on the individual job’s needs, so once we gather more information on the live stream’s needs we will provide an estimate with cost breakdown.
  • Do you do marketing for social media or other platforms?
    At Shine Media we ensure our work is done to its fullest potential, as we mainly focus on cinematography and everything that goes in hand with that. We can offer social media assets i.e. motion graphics and videos, but we do not offer any marketing work.
  • Do you do web design?
    Although we do have experience working on websites, we do not specialize in web design or coding. So we do not offer web design services at the moment.
  • Where is your social media page?
    Being family owned and operated, our main priority is bringing high end cinematography to the local businesses in southwest Florida, with that in mind we do not have a large need to optimize sales through social media. We value our clients privacy and only share content that is public, which limits our work that we share online. We strive to keep our recent videos on our webpage up to date to ensure relevant examples and inspiration for viewers interested in our productions.
  • Do you have a YouTube page?
    We value our clients privacy so we do not post our videos on YouTube unless they are being live-streamed there publicly. We send our videos privately to our clients and only publicly share them if requested to.
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